Image is a Big Deal for Small Business

Well, in my case, images are my product and it always seems I have great opportunities to work with dynamic entrepreneurs and small business people to help they tell their story.  This week it was a return to one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Chef Sandra Lewis from Life at the Table. Sandra not only graduated top of her class at the Cordon Blue School, but she's also a public speaker and corporate culture coach that leverages the human connection of sharing a meal as a foundation for richer professional relationships.

I've worked with Sandra before creating images for her web site but she got a new chef coat and is making some changes to her marketing so she needed some new images.  We selected the Addison Circle area as the setting as it has great morning light and a cool mix of contemporary materials in the art and architecture as well as beautiful green areas.  We took almost 200 shots.  I uploaded them to a portal for her review and she picked about 6 and I edited those and a bunch more.  There were 40 that I liked.  Below are some highlights.