Grapevine Fire Department Responds to House Fire on Pine Street

Last night my wife and I were woken up by a fire truck roaring down our street. By the time I got to the front door a second unit passing by the front of the house and I could see smoke rising four houses down from us.  Soon there were 5 alarms and units from surrounding towns began to show up jamming Pine Street with emergency vehicles.  The Grapevine Fire Department responded and quickly brought resources to bear on the fire.  No one was hurt.

I had the opportunity recently to meet each Grapevine firefighter as I took their formal portraits.  It's amazing to know these heroes are standing by to protect us and care for us at our moments of greatest need. 

Screenshot 2017-06-04 08.59.18.png

Here is the rest of the roll from that night.  Click on a thumbnail for a larger view.