Standard Rates

My basic rate is $1,000 per day.  Studio lighting, assistant, and travel are quoted separately.  The more I know about your needs the more I can execute in a cost effective manner.  If you like my work, I will do everything I can to keep price from being a barrier to our mutual success.


  • Small (up to 2 hours, natural lighting) - $250

  • Medium (1/2 day, natural lighting, bounce flash) - $500

  • Large (full day, lighting, assistant) - $1,200

Real Estate and Architecture

  • Small Job (1 hour, natural lighting, color correction) - $250

  • Medium Job (1/2 day, bounce flash as needed, color correction) - $500

  • Large Job (full day, lighting, assistant, color correction & HDR as needed) - $1,500

On-Site Portraiture

  • $1,000 per day plus $400 studio/lighting setup fee
  • Natural light portraits/head shots (up to 5) $300

Other Services

Special processing, printing, and other services - $60/hr. + expenses.

* Special discounted rates are available for frequent clients.

Contact Form

If you like my work and would like me to make photographs for you or your business, send me a note with the form below to start the conversation.

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