To me, photography is art that has a job to do.  And my job is to help you tell your story with quality, compelling images.  Click through the galleries below to see more in each category and if you like what you see click the "BOOK" button to the right to get in touch.


Architecture photography comes with its own challenges and rewards  I've studied under some of the best known architectural photographers in the Dallas area and over time I have gained the tools and expertise to meet these challenges.

Commercial and Municipal

Companies and municipalities often hire me to help tell their story and showcase the investments they have made in facilities venues to attract visitors and patrons from around the world.


Lifestyle photography paints a vision for the audience  of what it's like to engage with a product or venue. 

Portraits and Head Shots

An organization is built with people and quality images of your people convey the quality your audience is to expect from your organization.


Quality event photography helps broaden the audience and perspective of a shared experience.


Stunning landscape photography transports the audience and provides a unique perspective and interpretation where the moment is more "made" than "captured".

Objects and Food

Cars, food, airplanes are popular with all photographers so it's a constant challenge to bring something special to it.

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