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How to get the most from your professional portrait session

Finding a photographer you trust is only the first step. Taking the time to prepare will ensure you get the most out of your headshot and make your best image possible. I would like to share some key steps you can take in preparation for your shoot. This page will guide you through my top suggestions for portrait prep.  Want to skip all that and book? Click the Get Started button below!

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Choose your style...

One of the first things you should do is decide on a style and location for your shoot. You can go with a more conservative studio look or an environmental portrait that includes elements of your chosen location. An environmental portrait can be indoor or outdoor, and your photographer can work with you to find beautiful light and a pleasing background for your portrait. If your photographer has a studio, that’s going to the the most cost effective way to quickly get some great shots. Another option to consider - a portable studio can be brought to your location for an extra fee. This may be the best way to get consistent headshots for your entire team. Ask your photographer for options and costs.


The most important thing is to be comfortable so wear something familiar that helps tell your story.

  • Avoid stark white in clothing, if possible, as it can appear blown out when your face is properly exposed.

  • Blue clothing always seems to work well. Color details are great too.

  • If you have trouble deciding on anything bring alternatives to the shoot and get feedback from others.

Self Care

  • Take care of yourself! Stay hydrated and take care of yourself in the days before the session. All of your features will look fresher and healthier! If possible, avoid alcholol as it tends to dehydrate your skin and show more wrinkles.

  • Hair Style: Make sure any updates to your cut or color are taken care of a few days prior to your appointment.  This image will be around a while, so make sure you will be happy with the results!

  • Other Grooming: Today’s cameras catch every detail, so be sure you take additional care with other grooming (eyebrows, ears, other facial areas) prior to the shoot as well!

  • Makeup: This image is meant to capture you at your best, as you would appear in business. If you want to take additional time in preparing/applying your makeup, that works...but do not stray too far from your standard style.

The day of your shoot...

  • If your shoot is outside, be mindful of the wind and the chaos it might create with your hair. Consider taking along a brush and some hairspray to control possible flyaways.

  • If the weather is bad and you don’t have a plan B for shooting inside, be sure to get in contact with your photographer to discuss rescheduling the shoot.

  • The most important thing is to be comfortable, as your state of being will come through in the shot. You might even consider inviting people you trust and that bring out the best in you along along for the shoot to make the experience fun and bring out your best smiles.

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About Mike Reyher

I am a full time commercial photographer based in Grapevine, Texas. I do work for Fortune 500 companies, their agencies in the DFW area, as well as municipalities, small businesses, and individuals. I have a studio located near DFW airport and would love to work with you to help tell your story with top notch images of your people, properties, and products.


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